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Fam, I came across this story and I’m not ashamed  to say — It made me want to cry.

Not sad tears, but heartfelt ones about this college student who saw poor elderly and single mothers in need and he started with what he had to help. 

What he had ? A lawn mower. What they needed? Their lawns mowed. So, he did just that for free. And now his act of kindness has grown into a movement and a non-profit organization called “Raising Men Lawn Care” that helps the community and mentors boys. 

You might be asking why did I choose this an example of creativity? Well, there’s nothing more creative than using what you got to help those around you in need. You do that and your efforts will always be blessed. Trust. 

Check out the inspiring story of Rodney Smith, Jr.’s cause. Then, enjoy this great content I collected just for you. 🙂

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