“While trying to publish my first novel, Monice Mitchell Simms provided me with the assistance I needed during my season of confusion. Not only did she navigate me through the self-publishing process, but also gave me tips on how to create a better looking product that would capture the eyes of readers. I owe much of my current success to Monice, because without her guidance I would still be staring at an unpublished manuscript on my computer.” ~ Donta Morrison, author “The End of the Rainbow” and “Yesterday Clarified”

“Many of us are pregnant with creativity. We have stories and ideas that are longing to get out of us and into the world and we wonder how do we take it from our head to actual production. Well, Monice Mitchell Simms is a fantastic writing and production coach that you must check out. In one session a treatment that I have struggled with because it is so close to my heart is now moving forward, full steam ahead. If you want the truth, look no further.” ~ Joy DeMichelle Moore  

“Monice, I can’t thank you enough for all of the advice. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I really feel focused now. Before I talked to you, I was feeling very scattered and overwhelmed. It’s nice to meet someone who has actually gone through the thick forest of self marketing and survived. I’m definitely going to put your advice to work and be myself. Thank you for sharing your insight.” ~ Zoey Truth

“Monice Mitchell Simms was a Godsend for me. As a new authorprenuer, her advice along with her personable approach gave me the confidence that I could become successful. She is someone that I look up to greatly and having the words from her has been one of the most meaningful things that has happened to me. Since speaking with her, I have become more driven, focused and hopeful.” ~ Ashlee Henderson 

“Monice, I left our final coaching session a changed writer! With your help, I’ve learned what tools are necessary to find literary success, and I see my success at the end of this preliminary journey…On my mark, get set, GO!” ~ Lloyd Johnson 

“Monice is a gifted writer and entrepreneur and truly understands the creative and business side of being an author. The sink or swim nature of the publishing business makes her keen advice and experience absolutely essential. Not consulting with Monice on a project would be a mistake. The best call I made was to her!” Cassandra Cousineau,  Author, “Right Hand of the Champ” & Principal, Write Hand Publishing and Entertainment