(Keynote Talk, 30 minutes)

“Monice, thank you so much for visiting the students of the Detroit Innovation Academy and Detroit Leadership Academy with the YMCA’s Phoenix Success program. It was inspiring for our students to hear about your beginnings as a writer at 7 years old. The kids continue to talk about meeting a real live author! What a treat!” ~ Jennifer Paffi, Phoenix Success Program Director, Metro Youth YMCA, Detroit. 


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I was always the creative kid. The kid who would rather read, make up skits and write stories to entertain myself, friends and family. 

My mother tolerated me and I would even say she was proud of me…

That is, until I reached High School and she enrolled me in a college preparatory engineering program. LOL!

You see I had a problem. I was an alien. An artistic kid growing up in a family of Detroit auto workers. And there was NO ONE in my life that I knew or that my mother knew who was making a living as a writer. 

So to make sure that her child could feed herself, my  mother did what mothers do and pushed me down the only path she knew — The path to get a real job.

In this engaging, compact keynote talk, I share the steps I took in elementary, middle and high school to pursue my dream, win my mother’s confidence and lay the foundation for my college education and writing career. 

Ideal for artistic students, I will share with them:

  • Five easy steps they can take to get published RIGHT NOW
  • How to seek out mentors to improve their writing
  • How to submit work into contests, apply for internships and more!

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