“Monice, it was inspiring for our students to hear about your beginnings as a writer at 7 years old. We especially appreciated the activity you did with the children pairing writers and illustrators together so our students could create their own books. They were so proud to share their stories with their classmates and teachers! The activity gave all the children a chance to shine by creating partnerships and letting students choose to either write or draw. It was a brilliant, creative activity that the kids really loved!” ~ Jennifer Paffi, Director, Phoenix Success Program Director, Metro Youth YMCA, Detroit. 


“Monice  willingly shares her knowledge and award-winning experience as an author, screenwriter and filmmaker, not in a boastful way, but as an adaptive tool to connect with students. She has been able to reach our girls and I believe that is a true testament to her gift and skill as an instructing artist.” ~ Keren Taylor, Executive Director, WriteGirl


When charged with the task to book someone to  share and speak at our “Yes, You Can House” – a  facility that helps house women and children – Monice was at the top of my list. She empathized and empowered our ladies without judgment and even donated free copies of her book for our house library. It’s truly in Monice’s heart to inspire others to achieve  their dreams and it shows.” ~ J. Fields, Executive Director.


“Monice can illustrate a picture with words that you can see and feel. She is an absolutely amazing writer and amazing talent. I had her host a reading of her book for my staff as a special event. Afterwards, everyone thanked me for the opportunity to meet with an author of such an amazing story.” ~ Eugenia Marshall, Operations/HR Manager at GSO Business Management, LLC