Monice’s Book of the Month!



Fam, I enjoy writing screenplays. I do.

But for a storyteller who wants her words to be read, seen and enjoyed, screenwriting can be very frustrating.

The process of getting a movie produced is a laborious, collaborative, subjective journey with false starts, stalls and derailments. And the truth is that even after years of rewrites, attachments or greenlights, there’s no guarantee your screenplay will ever make it to screen.

Which means, it could never be seen, and it’ll just become another obsolete pile of pages for you to repurpose as a writing sample as you quickly start writing your next thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I know that’s the gig.

I also know I can’t continue to call myself a storyteller if I keep waiting for permission to tell my stories.

So, to kick off the new decade — as I continue grinding to produce my screenplays —  I’ll be publishing a book every month for 2020.

Yep. Get ready to read my poetry, artistpreneur books, and I’ll also be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of my novel, “Address: House of Corrections” with a special reissued edition!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading my books as much as it fulfills me to share them. And as always, Fam, thanks for your support. 

Love ya!


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